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This may be one of the best chances to see a commanding performance by a lead actress in the role of Anna Leonowens.

- Scott L. Miley, CNHI News

Angela Baumgardner as Anna Leonowens and

We’re in good hands with Baumgardner, a veteran performer and classic beauty who looks like she was teleported from a 1950s film. On songs such as I Whistle a Happy Tune, she revealed a strong, clear soprano and a knack for phrasing.

- Adrian Chamberlain, Times Colonist

Perhaps nobody is braver and more strong-willed here than of course the character of Anna Leonowens, played to perfection by Angela Baumgardner. She effortlessly sings her way through the show's most iconic tunes.

- Lauren Van Hemert, Broadway World

Angela Baumgardner as Anna Leonowens in

Baumgardner owns the stage…capturing both sides of Anna - the strong willed, sassy, and powerful woman who isn't afraid to challenge the King as well as the sweet romantic who has grown to care for the children she teaches.”

- Katie Becker, Broadway World

Baumgardner’s Anna has a rich, warm soprano, a strong sense of propriety and a romantic streak, a bit like Mary Poppins in a hoop skirt. 

- Lindsay Christians, The Cap Times

[Baumgardner's] voice is full-throated and sweet, a weapon she uses to easily put over “Getting to Know You,” the show’s signature hit. She’s also got a great rapport with her army of little scholars.

-Aaron R. Conklin, Madison Magazine

Angela Baumgardner is marvelous as Anna...her singing voice is a rich soprano that glides through her songs with sparkling elegance. Baumgardner's Anna is actually more formidable than the King; snippy and demanding at the outset of the play, she softens when she sees the horde of adorable Siamese children who she will be tutoring, and soon becomes Maria Von Trapp. Her vocals on Anna's signature songs...are a delight to hear.

- Cary Ginell, Broadway World

Angela Baumgardner as Anna Leonowens and

The latest Anna Leonowens, Angela Baumgardner, has all the precision and grace required in the role of the headstrong teacher. She brings a truly lovely singing voice to her string of standards.

- John Harding, DC Metro

This production nods often to the familiar film version of the musical, including an Anna (Angela Baumgardner) who bears a striking resemblance to Deborah Kerr

- Elaine Schmidt, Journal Sentinel

Anna (portrayed by Angela Baumgardner) showed a quick-witted but loving side to the recently widowed character...You won't see a better cast than this one

- Jessa Moore, Broadway World

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