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Angela Baumgardner Life Coaching

Angela Baumgardner is a champion of people. With a degree in psychology and training at an International Coach Federation accredited program, Angela began her life coaching business in California in 2011. As an actress, singer, and business woman, she has unique insight into the creative soul and the steps necessary to build a successful career. Over the years, she has helped multiple people accomplish life-long dreams and lead fulfilling lives. 

Is Coaching Right for Me?

Coaching is for everyone.  I’ve coached business professionals, artists, pastors, students, newlyweds, moms reentering the workforce, and more.  I believe coaching is for the WHOLE PERSON. It’s not just about your career. It’s about who you are. 

Coaching is about YOU. 

It’s about getting from point A to point B. 

It’s about getting unstuck and moving forward. 

It's about seeing your dreams realized.

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What people are saying: 

"Coaching helped me harness a momentum in working towards my dreams and overcoming limitations.  I saw immediate results after each coaching session.  Angela helped me to tap into a high level of ownership for the goals I have been working towards.  The amazing results in coaching has given me the impetus to build on other areas.  My confidence level has increased significantly, and because of Angela’s belief in me and the level of ownership I walk in, I know nothing I dream will be impossible for me.  Angela has been a huge key in releasing me into greater realms of breakthrough in my life.  It just goes to show you how the power of agreement, through coaching, can yield truly supernatural results.”

"Angela challenged me to write out my dream job description.  Two weeks later I was offered this very job through a non-profit organization in my city.  There is something about stewarding your dreams through life coaching that brings them into reality!"


“I loved having a coach!  Angela asked me challenging questions that forced me to address personal constraints.  I didn't have anyone else in my life asking those questions.”


“I really enjoyed the accountability that comes with having a coach.  Accountability gave me a clearer focus and challenged me to reach my goals. You have to set yourself up for personal growth and having a coach is a great way to start!”

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